CPS to Hit Highest Graduation Rate on Record This School Year 

District Gains Momentum with Steady Increases over the Past Five Years


June 9, 2012


Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Jean-Claude Brizard today announced that the current school year will mark the highest recorded graduation rate for the District, which is projected at 60.6 percent. The District has seen steady increases in graduation rates over the past five years.


“This increase in our graduation rate tells a powerful story about CPS and the contributions of our hard working teachers and principals,” said CEO Brizard. “These results are impressive, but we have more work to do in ensuring that every child in our District graduates ready for college and career. Our efforts around the Full School Day next fall will provide additional tools and supports for our teachers and principals to better position them in boosting the academic success of our students.”


As the District continues to realize annual graduation rate growth, CEO Brizard acknowledged the top two schools in the District with the most impressive individual growth over the last four years – individual school graduation rates for current School Year (SY) 2011/2012 are not yet available. They include: Phoenix Military Academy, which has seen the most growth during this time with graduation rates increasing by 32.8 percentage points (from 42 in SY 2007/2008 to 74.8 in SY 2010/2011); and Roosevelt, a neighborhood high school, whose rate has grown by 17.6 percentage points (from 41.8 in SY 2007/2008 to 59.4 in SY 2010/2011).


Next year, students across the District will benefit from the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, a more rigorous curriculum that will better prepare students for college and career, and a new instructional framework, which will fundamentally change and improve the quality of teaching. The additional instructional time provided by the Full School Day and year will give both teachers and students a valuable tool to improve teaching and learning in every school across the District.


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