Tracy Martin-Thompson

Strategic School Support Services

Tracy joined CPS in late 2012, bringing with her 20 years of experience in turning around low-performing schools. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, she worked as a teacher, principal and area superintendent before narrowing her focus to the struggling schools that she felt could most benefit from her talent and drive.

As Chief Officer of Strategic Support, Tracy works to provide comprehensive support and services to those CPS schools that are the most in need, particularly those that have received probationary status. Her goal is to begin intervening at those schools prior to the point of serious decline – reach them early so that they can remain in good standing with the District.

Q. What are you passionate about professionally?

A. Ensuring that all of our students have the opportunities I was fortunate enough to have. It’s an awesome responsibility, having this kind of power over the lives and futures of children. In order to help them get onto a positive path and be successful, we must be truly invested in this work.

Q. How would you want to be remembered for your work at CPS?

A. As someone who truly made a difference. Someone who took this work very seriously and made a direct and measurable impact on the students, staff and school communities that are most in need.

Q. What are you passionate about personally?

A. My family. Especially my husband, parents, brother, and four stepchildren.

Q. Who has been your biggest influence in life and in your decision to work as an educator?

A. Definitely my parents. Education was the most important thing in the world to them, so I always made it my top priority.

Q. Do you have a favorite spot in the city of Chicago?

A. I love the downtown area. There are so many choices of restaurants – I’ve been eating way too much since moving here last November.

Quick Facts:

  • Favorite Style of Music: Jazz
  • Favorite Leisure Activity: The Spa
  • Pets: No – but dying for a dog
  • Most Prized Possession: Wedding Ring

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