Innovation and Incubation



A diverse educational landscape of quality schools that meets the needs of all children.


The mission of the Office of Innovation and Incubation is to provide students with access to high quality and innovative education through incubation of quality schools, accountability and high quality oversight.


As the designee for the Chicago Board of Education (BOE), the Office of Innovation and Incubation (I & I) oversees a portfolio of approximately 142 schools and programs, including 122 charter school campuses, 9 contract schools, 10 Alternative Learning Opportunities Programs (ALOP) and 1 SAFE School, which together educate well over 60,000 students. The office provides oversight and direct support to a diverse set of schools – Traditional and Options – for youth with varied needs that include, but are not limited to, students seeking alternatives to the neighborhood school, reenrolled students who previously left school without graduating, young adults who are currently in school but are significantly off-track for graduation, and students who have been expelled or are in need of alternative placement for behavioral reasons. The Options Schools include ALOP programs and Safe Schools, but also certain charter and contract schools. The Office of Innovation and Incubation’s work is aligned with NACSA’s Principles & Standards for Quality Charter School Authorizing, a set of national best practice standards for authorizers to open and sustain high-quality schools.



For additional information regarding the Office of Innovation and Incubation, click on the available resources below:

Parents – for those interested in or already enrolled in a charter, contract or options school

  • Enrollment
  • School lists
  • Complaint process

Who we are – learn about the Office of Innovation and Incubation

  • School types
  • I & I key functions
  • School lists

School performance and accountability – information about school performance and accountability

  • General accountability overview
  • School performance – performance reports
  • Renewal

2018 process to open a new school – learn about the RFP process


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