Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs are intended to provide a stream-lined pathway for parents and community stakeholders to contribute their valuable time and talents to the learning and enrichment experience of our students. Through strategic engagement with school leadership, the department is deepening the pool of volunteer talent, while establishing mutually rewarding experiences for students, parents, partners and schools.

Corporate Volunteers

In concert with overseeing school-based volunteers at 652 District schools, the Volunteer Programs department works with an array of external organizations, including community organizations, city agencies, businesses and corporations. If you are interested in doing a large group volunteer project, please email volunteer@cps.edu



Interested in becoming a CPS Volunteer?
Please follow the steps listed below.

The Volunteer Process

What is the volunteer application process?

  • All volunteer candidates must complete a volunteer application through the Chicago Public Schools CiviCore database. Please visit: cpsvolunteers.org.
  • The Principal or Volunteer Coordinator at the selected school will review the application in CiviCore and must approve the candidate to move forward with next steps in the process.


Candidate Seeking Level I Approval
Candidate Seeking Level II Approval

1. Volunteer Programs will provide guidance by email regarding the next steps: TB test & background check. This includes supplying all associated documents, and explicit instructions for submission.

1. If candidate is seeking "level II" approval, the Volunteer Coordinator must approve them as a volunteer candidate in the CiviCore; then, they will receive notification of approval status via email.

2. The CPS Department of Safety and Security will contact candidate directly with any questions regarding his/her background check, and will inform Volunteer Programs of final background check results once received.

2. The application process ends here for level II candidates. If approved, they will be instructed to contact the school’s Volunteer Coordinator for further guidance.

3. Once TB form and background check results are received by Volunteer Programs, the candidate will receive an email notification of status.


How Long will This Process Take?

Level I candidate results vary depending upon when the candidate completes the TB/background check process and when TB/background check results are received. Candidates should expect to receive an email notification within 2-5 weeks with either volunteer status or process status (e.g., waiting for background results, missing form, etc.).

Candidates not requiring background checks & TB Test (Level II) should expect notification via email within 1 week.

Volunteer Process for Field Trip Chaperones

As many of our students participate in field trips, both within traditional school hours as well overnight, it is imperative chaperones have completed the volunteer process. For day trips, potential chaperones simply need to complete the short online application process at cpsvolunteers.org. Overnight trips will require a more in-depth process. Either way, we suggest volunteer coordinators encourage potential chaperones to begin the process a month ahead of the scheduled field trip.

Also, CPS employees who volunteer at schools other than where they are employed, must complete a volunteer application in order to be eligible to participate. (This process allows us to verify employment. Active employees do not go through the background check process).

Please note, if school chaperones have not been vetted through the official CPS volunteer process, then the school assumes any associated risk.

For more information on how to volunteer, please contact
Volunteer Programs at 773-553-1544 or send an email to volunteer@cps.edu.


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