CPS Parent University, a component of the Office of Family and Community Engagement in Education (FACE2), was launched to help families support their children’s success in school. Parent Universities were designed based on the understanding that parents and community are an essential component in educating our children. Each Parent University is equipped with a computer lab, a parent resource room, an office area and an activity room. Classes touch on a variety of subjects, including understanding Common Core, GED classes, ESL classes, understanding Microsoft Office Suite (i.e. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel), financial literacy, job search and career building strategies.

Parent University participants have an opportunity to earn digital “achievement badges” for completing tasks such as attending a report card pickup, participating in a workshop and/or volunteering at a school function. Badges can be used to link learning opportunities and serve as an indicator of successful achievement to college admission counselors and potential employers.

There is one Parent University campus in each Network.

  • Network 1:
    Albany Park - Cleveland Elementary School
    3121 W Byron St, Chicago, IL 60618

  • Network 2:
    Rogers Park - Sullivan High School
    6631 N. Bosworth Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

  • Network 3:
    Austin/Westside - Michele Clark
    5101 W Harrison St, Chicago, IL 60644

  • Network 4:
    Avondale - Logandale Elementary School
    3212 W George St, Chicago, IL 60618

  • Network 5:
    Humboldt Park - Clemente High School
    1147 North Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622

  • Network 6:
    University Village - John M. Smyth Elementary School
    1059 W. 13th St., Chicago, IL 60608

  • Network 7:
    Pilsen/Little Village - Manuel Perez Jr. Elementary School
    1241 W 19th St, Chicago, IL 60608

  • Network 8:
    Back of the Yards - Richards Career Academy
    5009 S. Laflin, Chicago, IL 60609

  • Network 9:
    Bronzeville - Walter H. Dyett High School for the Arts
    555 E. 51st Street, Chicago, IL 60615

  • Network 10:
    Ashburn - Bogan High School
    3939 W 79th St, Chicago, IL 60652

  • Network 11:
    Auburn Gresham - Joplin Elementary School
    7927 S Honore St, Chicago, IL 60620

  • Network 12:
    South Shore - Bouchet Elementary School
    7355 S Jeffery Ave, Chicago, IL 60649

  • Network 13:
    Pullman - Corliss High School
    821 E. 103rd Street, Chicago, IL 60628

For more information about Parent Universities, please visit

Office of Family and Community Engagement in Education
773.553.FACE (3223)

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