‘Creating Connections That Create Change’

The mission of Office of Family and Community Engagement in Education (FACE2) is to cultivate and maintain healthy working relationships with parents, families, community members and education stakeholders, by establishing a reciprocal exchange of strategic plans and concepts pertaining to the quality of schools and improvement of educational outcomes for all students.

Authentic family and community engagement is key to increasing student achievement and their readiness for college, career and life. By partnering with parents, educators, local businesses, churches, community organizations, elected officials, city departments and other stakeholders, FACE2 is committed to strengthening the connections between our schools and our communities.

Our Framework

The FACE2 framework includes:

  • Community Action Councils (CACs)
    Community Action Councils, or CACs, are comprised of 25-30 members, tasked with developing a strategic plan to achieve educational excellence in their respective school communities.
  • Faith-based Initiatives
    The Office of Faith-based Initiatives (OFBI) is committed to strengthening the relationships between Chicago Public Schools and the faith-based communities of Chicago, by establishing meaningful programs and collaborations.
  • FACE Managers
    The Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Managers support the Chief of Schools and the Family and Community Engagement Officers by providing strategic community outreach and training assistance.
  • Local School Council Relations
    Local School Council Relations oversees and facilitates the operations of site-based management teams in each school, while expanding all facets of communications with schools, parents and the greater community.
  • Parent Universities
    Parent Universities represent an innovative engagement model designed to drive parent and community participation in the educational experience of our students, while providing vital supports to stakeholders.
  • Volunteer Programs
    Volunteer Programs are intended to provide a stream-lined pathway for parents and community stakeholders to contribute their invaluable time and talents to the learning and enrichment experience of our students.

Office of Family and Community Engagement in Education
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