three-year vision

What We Heard From You

As we met with community members, educators and students to build this vision; one critical principle came through: every challenge we face can be overcome by our strength, resilience and commitment to the next generation.


  • Integrate advanced technology in all classrooms to enhance teaching methods and curriculum
  • Empower students to execute the district’s vision and create opportunities for involvement in the decision-making process
  • Incorporate peer-to-peer learning methods in school curriculum


  • Ensure that students have access to quality teachers and education
  • Prepare students for an array of postsecondary opportunities in addition to college readiness
  • Provide teachers with adequate time and flexibility to implement new curriculum and initiatives to avoid teacher burnout
  • Support a restorative approach to student discipline, which reduces suspensions by guiding students to learn from their mistakes and make amends

School Administrators

  • Provide additional opportunities for parent and community involvement
  • Improve parents’ awareness and understanding of CPS policies and procedures
  • Ensure that principals have adequate supports and resources to lead their school communities


  • Invest in additional counselors, social workers, and crisis intervention specialists for students in need of trauma, mental health, and social supports
  • Provide educators with the necessary time and resources to strengthen instruction for students with disabilities.

Community Members

  • Strengthen student safety initiatives related to bullying, pedestrian crosswalks and community safety
  • Ensure that students have updated facilities and classroom resources necessary for a quality education
  • Support additional initiatives to prepare students for college enrollment and success


  • Work toward long-term financial stability for the district
  • Support the district’s continued academic progress by securing funding and resources for programming across schools
  • Highlight positive stories about CPS schools and students
  • Support diverse programming and extracurricular activities to keep students engaged in and out of school
  • Restore integrity within the district through clear, timely and honest communication with parents, schools and the community

This vision reflects not only our optimism for the future—on academics, finances and integrity—but the belief that we can work together to create the future Chicago’s children deserve. This vision report is dynamic as our work does not remain stagnant. As we continue to receive feedback, learn best approaches, and proactively engage our schools and communities, we will adjust our strategic plans. The collective implementation, review and revision of the plans will ensure they are even stronger and produce powerful results for our students. We look forward to hearing from you, and stay tuned to for more opportunities to discuss this vision and how we can all help advance our shared goals.

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