Policy Feedback: Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is cps.edu/policyfeedback?

cps.edu/policyfeedback gives community members an opportunity to provide feedback on proposed changes to Board of Education “Board” policies and rules. The Board voted in July 2019 to require all policy additions and revisions to be made available for public feedback 30 days prior to a Board vote.

How do I find a policy or rule?

All Board policies can be reviewed on the policy handbook. All rules can be reviewed here. Policies that are subject to public feedback will also be available at cps.edu/policyfeedback.

Public Comment Process:

What can I comment on?

All policy additions and revisions must be posted publicly in advance of a Board vote. You can find which Board policies or rules are currently open for public comment on cps.edu/policyfeedback.

When can I comment?

You have 30 calendar days to comment on any proposed additions or revisions of Board policies or rules. cps.edu/policyfeedback lists policies and their corresponding timeline for public feedback.

How do I comment?

To submit a public comment, please click the corresponding “Comment” link associated with the appropriate policy or rule on cps.edu/policyfeedback.

Can I edit my comment after submitting it?

Once a comment is submitted, you will not be able to make additional edits to the comment.

How do I find my comment once I’ve submitted it?

Your comment will be posted on cps.edu/policyfeedback within three to five business days.

Where can I find the due dates for comments?

The due dates for public comments are listed next to the policy or rule on cps.edu/policyfeedback.

Do my comments make a difference?

Yes. The district values input from the public, and it is essential to our policy-making process.

Will I receive a direct response to my comment?

No. Unfortunately, given the volume of feedback anticipated, you will not receive a direct response to your comment. However, an overview of feedback will be created and submitted to the Board with the district’s response to the collective feedback from the public. This report will also be made available on cps.edu/policyfeedback.

Can I submit a written comment?

Yes, you can submit a written comment in-person by coming in to Chicago Public Schools Central Office located at 42 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL 60602. At the front desk, please ask for the public comment notebook and a staff member will direct you. Written comments will not be posted online and are limited to 500 words.

When will the Board vote on a certain policy or rule?

The Board votes on policies on a schedule determined by the Chief Executive or Education Officer. Policies will be made available on cps.edu/policyfeedback for public feedback when they are presented to the Board. An agenda for the Board meeting will also be available on the Monday prior to the meeting at cpsboe.org.


Will my contact information be posted on cps.edu/policyfeedback with my comment?

Your contact information will not be posted on cps.edu/policyfeedback if that information is not in the body text of your public comment. All efforts will be made to protect your privacy, however, we encourage you to exercise sound judgment when you submit public comments.

What personal information do I have to submit with my public comment on cps.edu/policyfeedback?

You may choose to include your name, email address, and zip code as part of your submission. You may also choose to submit a comment anonymously.

Page Last Modified on Thursday, September 26, 2019