The Chicago Board of Education has adopted a Code of Ethics to ensure that Board Members, Local School Council Members, Employees, and Board Contractors act in the highest ethical manner in order to preserve the public trust of residents and taxpayers.

If you wish to submit an inquiry or report a potential violation, click below on the Inquiry or Report link.

If you are a CPS employee and need to report secondary employment, or submit a travel or nepotism certification, click below on the File an Ethics Form link.

If you are trying to determine whether the Code of Ethics will permit you to work with or recommend a relative, serve on a Local School Council while employed by a third-party contractor at that school, give or receive a gift or honorarium, simultaneously be an Official or Employee and a vendor or contractor of the Board, campaign for a political office, or accept a part-time job, it is possible that your question has been raised before. For more information regarding these issues and many similar issues, click below on the following links: Guidelines, Questions and Answers, Ethics Code Summary for Principals, and Ethics Code Summary for LSC Members.

To encourage voluntary compliance with the CPS Code of Ethics, the Ethics Advisor and the Ethics Committee are available to provide training. If you wish to set up ethics training for Officials, Employees, or Board Contractors please contact the Ethics Advisor.

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