To manage CPS treasury operations and debt financing activities to optimize cash flow and investment earnings and to obtain the lowest cost financing for capital projects.


The Bureau of Treasury's main objectives are to:

  • Raise funds for Capital Program
  • Maximize bank lending capacity for future capital needs
  • Minimize debt service expense on capital funds
  • Obtain best practices banking/financial services at the lowest cost possible

Current initiatives

Our current initiates include:

  • Remaining Bond proceeds from previous issuances
  • Review line of credit RFQ responses for future capital needs
  • Maximize interest earning in a continuing low rate environment
  • Centralized banking services RFP
  • Improve cash forecasting process


Recent accomplishments include:

  • 2012A New Money Financing
  • 2012B Restructuring of outstanding debt service
  • 2013A refunding of LOC-backed VRDBs for $2mm of savings annually
  • Maximize interest earnings in a declining rate environment, while maintaining adequate liquity
  • Closed on a $300 million 2013BC line of credit to fund capital needs on an as needed basis and reduce unneeded debt service costs



Contact Information

Phone: 773-553-2790
Fax: 773-553-2791


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