Elementary Areas and Schools 


Elementary Areas and Schools provide guidance and support to the instructional and management teams of the 17 Elementary Area Offices who ensure that instructional practices and student services lead to improved student achievement. Our efforts impact local schools, their students, and their communities. We play a major role in the planning and implementation of various programs and initiatives designed to improve and enhance academic achievement. This includes working to provide focused, differentiated support to targeted student populations so that all students have access to the resources necessary to fulfill their educational needs and enable them to succeed.


We strive to improve and enhance the academic achievement of elementary students by providing strategic guidance, support, and management to Area Offices. Our office works to ensure the instruction and services received by students result in academic progress and prepare students for high school and beyond. We:


  • Build capacity among teaching, coaching, and administrative staff through targeted leadership and professional development
  • Ensure focused, differentiated, and increased support is provided to all students
  • Utilize school and area data to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of programs and initiatives
  • Improve communication across educational units to maximize coherency and programmatic impact
  • Increase academic rigor and expectations by supporting the implementation of more challenging and extended learning opportunities

Current initiatives

We coordinate and oversee the implementation of various programs and initiatives that are designed to improve student achievement and eliminate the achievement gap. We:


  • Attendance Improvement and Truancy Prevention Initiative
  • Summer Bridge Program
  • Fresh Start Program


We support, guide, and assist the Elementary Area teams and Elementary Schools in efforts to improve student achievement through various programs and initiatives.  We supervise programs and initiatives, including but not limited to Attendance Improvement and Truancy Intervention, Summer Bridge, and Fresh Start that address the needs of our students and ensure that each student receives the resources necessary to succeed in elementary school and successfully transition to high school.


  • Supported and guided Elementary Area teams and Elementary Schools
  • Increased overall average daily attendance by motivating students, parents, staff, and community
  • Restructured Summer Bridge program to include strategies to facilitate a successful transition from 8th to 9th grade
  • Facilitated the transitioning of principals throughout the school year
  • Conducted training sessions for Management Support Directors 


Elementary Area Instruction Offices 

The Chicago Public Schools is comprised of 21 Area Instruction Offices (17 elementary schools and four high schools). Please refer to the Area Instruction Offices page to learn more about the Area teams who work to provide you, your children, and your community with the resources that will help you meet your children's academic needs.

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