School Safety and Security 


School Safety and Security is responsible for developing and implementing programs and strategies to improve the safety and security of CPS students, personnel and property.

There are many different programs to assist schools in improving their safety and security, including the annual training for all CPS security employees. Safety and Security manages CPS' relationships with other law enforcement agencies and the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC-911). Safety and Security also coordinates and delivers security to several CPS administrative sites.


We strive to reduce crime and disorder on CPS property; continuously monitor and evaluate conditions; strategically deploy security personnel and technology; and ensure compliance with reporting and investigative requirements. Current goals that further this objective include:

  • Increase security personnel training attendance by 10% annually over 5 training dates
  • Ensure CPS compliance with the State of Illinois School Safety Drill Act
  • Increase deployment of security personnel and equipment to schools
  • Ensure the investigation of major incidents involving CPS students, staff, and/or property
  • Act as the primary liaison between CPS and to external Law Enforcement agencies

Current Initiatives

The following initiatives support our goals:

  • Install or upgrade security video systems at schools with high incidence of violence
  • Implement non-violent conflict resolution training for security personnel
  • Deliver a "Child Lures" curriculum material to elementary schools to educate principals, staff, students and parents about the many dangers facing children at home, at school, on the street and on the Internet
  • Open additional security positions at schools in need, and re-deploy security positions to maximize the benefit to schools 


In pursuit of the objective of improving the safety and security of Chicago Public Schools students, staff and property, we have accomplished the following goals in the past year:

  • Provided the Chicago Police Department and the Office of Emergency Management and Communications access to CPS IP-based security camera systems monitoring campuses
  • Implemented a Chicago Police Department grant to allow School Officers stationed in CPS high schools with access to the CPD Intranet, for the purpose of improving reporting and intelligence sharing
  • Provided additional personnel and equipment resources for 10 high schools and 19 elementary schools in need


These links to other organizations' websites contain useful information about safety and security for students, parents and members of the general public.

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