Management and Budget 


Management and Budget is responsible for the district’s $4.9 billion operating budget and $855 million capital budget. We provide support and guidance to schools, Areas, and Central Office regarding resource management, and gives direction to both CPS strategic planning and district policies. OMB core functions include:

  • Develop budget for each fiscal year
  • Enable and support spending of resources
  • Manage financial technology to facilitate budget and position control process
  • Financial planning and policy setting


OMB has three primary goals:

  • Improve budget process and budget management (includes both operating budget and capital budget)
  • Achieve greater equity and transparency in resource distribution
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive professional development plan for OMB.

Current Initiatives

OMB is focused on refining and improving the annual budget process. As a result, some of our current initiatives include:

  • Budget process
  • New school support
  • Financial technology
  • Communication


Some OMB accomplishments to date include:

  • Developed a new guide designed to introduce the Chicago Public Schools budget and help the Chicago community understand how our public schools are funded. The purpose of this guide is to (1) explain the budget and the process we use to create it and, (2) to answer frequently asked budget questions.
  • Implemented earlier timeline and budget process to facilitate early teacher hiring at schools
  • Developed a revenue based per pupil rate for resource allocations to charter, contract and performance schools, which is a more transparent approach to the derivation of the rate
  • Enhanced the FY09 annual budget book to include a supplemental publication, summarizing and presenting the book's data in a format designed for parents and citizens of the City of Chicago.
  • Implemented the use of a tracking tool for technology issues to more effectively and efficiently track, manage and resolve issues related to the financial technology used to manage school and department budgets

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