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The Department of Facilities – Asset Management is dedicated to providing CPS students with a building that is safe, warm and dry. The Division's mission is to make a student proud of their school so that each student can concentrate on their studies. Asset Management assists schools in the day-to-day physical operation of their building, striving to reduce the energy use of each school while providing a more comfortable classroom. Assist the schools to effectively use their building maintenance funding to ensure all money is well spent. Ensure utility services are provided to all schools throughout the district, while developing energy efficiency measures and policies to reduce energy consumption and cost. Operations IT provides comprehensive data management and technical guidance to department staff and school based engineers, including Project Accounting, Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) and all purchasing modules and the Facility application database. Finance and Administration oversees and manages the operating funds for the Department of Facilities.

Department Description/Major Programs

  • School Custodial Services
  • Engineering Services (services to the school)
  • Facility Management Team
  • O & M dollars to schools
  • Electric Supply (Exelon)
  • Electric Distribution (Com Ed)
  • Gas Supply (Integrys & CNE)
  • Gas Distribution (Peoples Gas)
  • ORACLE EFS support


  • Reorganization of Asset Management
    • Hiring of highly qualified Facility Managers to enhance services provided to schools while supplementing the work done by engineers and custodians
    • Aligning operational hierarchy with school networks/collaboratives to ensure adequate coverage, reduce response times and give schools a clear understating of the Central Office staff serving their school
  • Renegotiation of the Local 143 (Engineer) contract
    • These negotiations are the foundation for the profound change in the way Engineer services will be delivered by demanding quality, transparency, productivity and accountability from the Engineer workforce
  • Adjustments to the Private Custodian Contract
    • Reduced Custodial spend by $6m over FY11 through strategic position reductions by analyzing utilization and enrollment data while still providing the same level of cleaning services.
  • Implemented Oracle Enterprise Asset Management system to all facilities.
    • Allow CPS to track the performance and cost of servicing mechanical assets.
    • Allow CPS to enforce warranty claims.
    • Enabled CPS' electronic preventative work order program which will reduce equipment breakdown and vendor cost.
  • Complied first system-wide electronic mechanical asset database.
    • Trained over 850 CPS users in eAM.

Key Initiatives

  • Engineer restructuring
    • Duties and daily activities will be governed by a "Master Schedule" to enhance transparency, demand productivity and drive accountability to achieve significant savings in FY13, 14 and 15.
    • Engineers will now have clearly identified preventative maintenance tasks and other daily objectives within their facility to improve equipment reliability.
  • Reduce spend with vendors
    • Leverage existing Engineer staff to perform work that would otherwise be completed by outside contractors.
  • Custodial enhancements
    • Bolster custodial productivity and accountability through the use of a Lead Custodian. Lead Custodians will be responsible for the supervision of custodial crews at schools.
    • Scheduling enhancements will allow the same level of cleaning services to be delivered using less manpower.
  • Monitor expenditures of limited operating budget resources to prioritize critical repairs and maintenance services at all CPS schools


Contact Information

Facilities - Asset Management
42 W. Madison St.
Chicago, Il 60602
Phone: 773-553-2960
Fax: 773-553-2921
Email: clean@cps.edu


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