Audit Services 


Audit Services is an agent of change, working to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of CPS’ operations for the benefit of our students.  Audit Services applies private industry consulting methodology to CPS programs and operations to insure effective and efficient operation and the use of industry best practices


The mission of the Department of Audit Services is to assist the Office of the CEO in fulfilling its management oversight responsibilities.  This is accomplished via audits of departments, programs, and other assignments that:


  • Assess the integrity, quality, and efficiency of the systems of internal control
  • Assess the degree to which resources are utilized efficiently and programs are carried out as intended
  • Assess the degree to which CPS complies with various policies, procedures, laws and regulations
  • Monitor the degree to which management action plans, created in response to audit recommendations, are carried out effectively and timely
  • Assess and report important financial and operating risks to the Office of the CEO in the annual risk assessment and audit planning process

Current initiatives

  • A “Risk Assessment” is in process.  It is used to identify important financial and operating risks that could be reduced via internal audits
  • Audits of various departments, programs, initiatives, and processes are in-process


    In 2008, Audit Services has worked proactively to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of over 14 departments/operations. In each instance, the performance bar has been raised, and accountability increased in order to insure that every available dollar has maximum impact in the classroom.



    The Audit Services team includes a mix of employees and consultants with training and experience in accounting, finance, information technology, organizational design, and other business disciplines. This team is supplemented with subject matter experts when specialized expertise is needed.

Contact information

Audit Services
125 South Clark Street
5th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60603
Phone: (773) 553-1481
Fax: (773)553-1451