Tool Kit

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
~ Mahatma Ghandi ~

A variety of tools have been developed to help you understand service-learning as a pedagogical tool, to assist you in implementing service-learning projects, and to help you educate colleagues about the principles and practices of service-learning.

PARE Model
Preparation, Action, Reflection, Evaluation are the four cornerstones of service-learning. This document provides detail about each step in the service-learning process.
Service Learning Sequence
Service-learning begins with classroom content (preparation), extends out into the community (service), and returns to the classroom (reflection). This tool outlines the eight steps involved in developing and implementing an effective Service Learning experience.
Service-Learning Coach Manual
The SL Coach Manual provides all the resources a Coach will need to implement a successful service-learning program at the school.
Planning Tool
This tool asks a sequence of practical questions from preparation through reflection to help teachers organize a thoughtful and well-planned service-learning experience.
Case Study
Examine the PARE model through a brief case study of a service-learning project.
Project Certification
Teachers must complete this form to gain approval from the Service-Learning Coach for a classroom-based service project.
Assess your students' participation and leadership in a service-learning project.
Steps to Reflection
Reflection is a critical component of Service Learning. There are many ways to lead an effective reflective process, but it is important to recognize the different levels of reflection. This tool helps reflection facilitators to understand the process of reflection beginning with the experience itself and moving through description to synthesis and presentation.
ISBE Social/Emotional Standards
Reflection is a critical component of service-learning. This tool helps reflection facilitators understand the process of reflection.
Common Core Standards Alignment
NGSS and Service-Learning

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