Surely the end of all education is service to others.
~ Cesar E Chavez ~

Service-learning is a proven civic education practice that extends learning into the community and builds a strong sense of agency among young people. Chicago Public Schools requires that all students complete three service-learning projects in order to graduate. Service-learning is a teaching strategy that connects classroom curriculum with service projects. Service-learning engages students in projects that serve the community while building social, civic, and academic skills.

In order to generate quality experiences for all high school students:

  • District leadership provides professional development, resources, technical assistance and project opportunities
  • Schools design and support implementation strategies
  • School-based Service-Learning Coaches orchestrate implementation of the school's service-learning strategy
  • Teachers and other school faculty facilitate group and independent projects with their students that meet Common Core State Standards and Service-Learning Quality Practice Standards.
  • Students participate in and lead service-learning projects that connect classroom learning with community action.

Student Voice Committees (SVCs) are designed to form crucial student-adult partnerships to help address the myriad of issues facing schools today.  Through engaging students in the decision making process, SVCs seek to:

  1. improve school culture and climate, and

  2. develop individual youth’s leadership skills.

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The Student Voice and Activism Fellowship aims to provide young people with the skills, resources, and support to be heard in the decision-making processes that impact their lives. By partnering with the University of Chicago and the Black Youth Project, we are able to offer a yearlong program that consists of two components: a summer paid internship and ongoing meetings and events throughout the school year.

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Civics Course

Through our pilot civic engagement program, the Global Citizenship Initiative, our office supports the implementation of a dynamic, interactive Civics course for high school students in over 30 schools throughout the district. Our unique civics course offers an opportunity for students to learn about and develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes that they will need to be active members of our democracy. We provide ongoing support to teachers doing this important work by providing quality curriculum, classroom resources, and student field trips. Our work is strengthened through a strong relationship with nationally recognized civic education and university partners.

This course is made possible through the generous support of our partners at the MacArthur Foundation, McCormick Foundation and Spencer Foundation.


External Partnerships

University of Chicago/Black Youth Project

Constitutional Rights Foundation

Facing History and Ourselves

Mikva Challenge


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