Saturday Morning Alternative Reach-Out and Teach (SMART) Program 


The Saturday Morning Alternative Reach-out and Teach (SMART) Program is an alternative to expulsion for students in 6th through 12th grade who violate categories 5 or 6 of the CPS Student Code of Conduct. Students who are expelled stand a significantly higher chance of falling behind and failing to graduate from high school.


The SMART program works to counteract this trend and mediate behavior by providing students with an educational alternative. Students participating in the SMART program are able to continue to attend their home school during the week while completing a series of eight Saturday classes and 20 hours of community service.

Smart Morning Sessions

The SMART Program takes place over eight weeks and meets each Saturday morning for four hours. Students participate in comprehensive and integrated teaching sessions that incorporate prevention education, character building activities and conflict resolution skills. The SMART Program uses a two-tier approach to ensure the success of its students.


  • Family involvement. A parent or adult representative must accompany the student to at least two of the eight SMART program parent sessions.
  • Community involvement. Each student is required to complete a community service assignment that may be selected by the student or by the SMART program administrators based on proximity to their home or school.


  • One hundred percent of students will complete the program
  • One hundred percent of parents will participate


Students will:


  • Continue to attend their home school during the week instead of getting expelled
  • Gain conflict resolution skills
  • Engage in character building activities


The SMART program is available for students who have violated the Student Code of Conduct and are at risk for expulsion. Participants must be referred to a SMART program by the Chief Education Officer or designee. Location information will be provided upon referral.


To learn more, contact the SMART hotline at (773) 553-2249 or


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