Boys and Girls Cross Country 

Boys and Girls Cross CountryStudents participate in this endurance sport in either rain or shine through green grass or muddy water. The program teaches students how to stay focused, persevere and deal with all of types of challenges. It features some of the most intelligent and focused young student athletes within the District. Learn more about our Cross Country program.

Join the team

Students interested in cross country should contact the Athletic Director at their school. Your school will be able to provide more information about eligibility and team tryouts.

Schedules and calendars

Information provided below is for Varsity Level only. Schedules & Calendars for other levels (Junior Varsity, Sophomore, Freshman) may be obtained from the Athletic Director at each school.

 2013 Boys and Girls Cross Country schedule


The latest sports news and scores are available online at the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.


For more information, contact the Regional Athletic Director for cross country, Joel Bullock at (773) 534-0727.

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