Smyth elementary school demonstrates hand-washing tips - Transcript 

Title: At John M. Smyth School, Principal Dr. Ron Whitmore gives students tips on the importance of hand washing.


Dr. Ron Whitmore: Yesterday, you guys were given a handout that was sent home to all of your families about all the precautions that we're taking at Chicago Public Schools to make sure you're safe.  We have also posted the information on the Chicago Public Schools website, CPS.EDU.  But we wanted to just take a litte time, to make sure you know, in school, about all the precautions we want you to take.  To avoid coughing on someone else, or touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.  And most important, make sure you wash your hands often.  Another word for often is "all the time".  So I'm going to ask you guys a couple of questions because I want to see how well you were listening.  Marquia, what is the most important thing you should do in school if you don't feel well?


Marquia: You should tell the teacher, to get a pass and go to the office immediately and they will call your mom and go to the nurse and they will take care of you.


Dr. Ron Whitmore: What's the best way to wash your hands, alright?  And then you demonstrate, okay?  Now, let's practice.  How do you wash your hands?  What should you do?


Students: Use the sanitized soap.


Dr. Ron Whitmore (students repeat after him): Rub your hands very well.  With the soap.  Rinse them off.  Get a paper towel.  And dry your hands thoroughly.


Dr. Ron Whitemore: Perfect.

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