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ONS: Who we are

ONS recommends three types of new schools for approval by the Chicago Board of Education: charter, contract, and performance schools.


ONS team descriptions

Recruitment and Selection

  • Identifies, researches, and evaluates education providers to ensure high quality new school options
  • Manages all aspects of the Request for Proposals (RFP) process, including community engagement, comprehensive evaluations by educational experts, and structuring feedback to applicants to ensure quality proposals



Operations and Management

  • Provides support to schools on a variety of operational issues such as budget, payroll, operations, safety and security, food services, warehousing, and human resources
  • Works with schools in the ONS portfolio to project annual school budgets and process quarterly payments



Special Education and Supports

  • Gives charter and contract schools streamlined access to specialized services provided by the district
  • Serves as a resource for specialized services-related issues and concerns



Academic and Operational Evaluation

  • Develops school performance contracts
  • Compiles and reports school performance data
  • Evaluates school performance and compliance
  • Manages the renewal evaluation process for all charter and contract schools


Renaissance 2010

In 2004, Mayor Richard M. Daley launched Renaissance 2010, a bold initiative to improve public education and expand quality education options to children across Chicago. The primary goal of Renaissance 2010 was to open 100 quality schools in the city’s most underserved areas by 2010. From 2004 to 2010, ONS was charged with carrying out the Renaissance 2010 initiative. In 2010, CPS opened the 103rd Renaissance 2010 school. The chart below illustrates the growth of Renaissance 2010 schools from 2005 to 2010.


Year Renaissance 2010 schools opened
2005 22 Renaissance 2010 schools
-10 charters (3 new charters and 7 campuses of existing charters), 12 performance schools
2006 14 Renaissance 2010 schools
-12 charters (5 new charters and 7 campuses of existing charters), 1 contract school, 1 performance school
2007 17 Renaissance 2010 schools
-9 charters (1 new charter and 8 campuses of existing charters), 2 contract schools, 6 performance schools
2008 20 Renaissance 2010 Schools
-11 charters (2 new charters and 9 campuses of existing charters), 4 contract schools, 5 performance schools
2009 19 Renaissance 2010 Schools
- 4 campuses of existing charters, 8 contract schools, 7 performance schools
2010 11 Renaissance 2010 Schools
- 7 charters (3 new charters and 4 campuses of existing charters), 4 performance schools


*On July 1, 2010, 6 Renaissance 2010 contract schools converted to charter schools.


Charter and contract school information

Charter Elementary Schools

Contract Elementary Schools

Charter High Schools

Contract High Schools


Key partners

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