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ONS: School operations

Some charter and contract schools elect to lease a CPS facility rather than an independent facility owned by an external entity. Some schools occupy the facility alone; others share the facility with one or more schools. The resources below apply to both situations:


PDF icon. Process for Performing Construction Activities at a CPS Building

PDF icon. Quarterly Facility Inspections Process

PDF icon. Approval Process for Independent Work Performed at Schools

PDF icon. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


CPS per pupil rates/school funding information

These documents outline the funding structure for charter and contract schools. The per pupil funding rates for charter and contract schools for FY11 can be found at the top of page 121 of the budget book.


Excel icon. Financial Forms

PDF icon. CPS Budget Book


Applicable CPS policies

PDF icon. CPS Heat Policy

PDF icon. Waiver for Student Fees Opens in a new window

PDF icon. Incident and Misconduct Reporting

PDF icon. Sample Fee Waiver

PDF icon. Student Travel Opens in a new window

PDF icon. CTA Student Riding Permit


Other resources

PDF icon. Emergency Planning and Crisis Codes

PDF icon. Students with Disabilities and Emergency Planning




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