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Office of New SchoolsThe Office of New Schools (ONS) in the Chicago Public Schools oversees the application process for starting a new charter, contract, or performance school, as well as some turnaround schools. Once the schools are opened, ONS works with the charter and contract schools, while performance schools are assigned to a CPS area. ONS holds charter and contract schools accountable to the terms of their agreements with the Chicago Board of Education. In the 2010-2011 school year, ONS provides oversight for 91 schools, 82 charter campuses and nine contract schools.


The Chicago Public Schools' Office of New Schools authorizes high-quality schools (charter, contract, and performance), particularly within high need communities by:

  • Recruiting, selecting, and incubating high-quality school operators;
  • Connecting schools to critical resources and support;
  • Holding schools accountable for academic and operational outcomes.


The Office of New Schools (ONS) in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is committed to ensuring all students in Chicago have access to high-quality school options that prepare them for post-secondary success.


2013 Request for Proposals for New Schools Information

Compact Between the Chicago Public Schools and Charter Schools in Chicago

Charter Compact Schools


For additional information regarding Office of New Schools, click on the available resources below:

Parents – for those interested in or already enrolled in a charter or contract school

  • Enrollment
  • School lists
  • Complaint process

Who we are – learn about the Office of New Schools

  • School types
  • ONS teams
  • Our history - Renaissance 2010
  • School lists
  • Our partners

School performance and accountability – information about how schools performs and how ONS holds them accountable

  • General accountability procedures – compliance
  • School performance – performance report
  • Renewal
  • Material modifications

Process to open a new school – learn about the RFP process

  • Request for qualifications/ request for proposals overview
  • Request for proposals (RFP)
  • Resources

School operations – resources and information for charter or contract schools in operation

  • Schools in CPS facilities
  • CPS per pupil rates/school funding information
  • New principal resources
  • Applicable CPS policies
  • Other resources

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