Office of Access and Enrollment

School Options for 2017-2018

Please click below for information on schools that are still considering students for the 2017-2018 school year. We encourage you to visit this page periodically, as it will be updated as information about additional seats becomes available.

Additional schools with available seats. Please contact the schools directly for information.

Elementary School Options - Available Seats


High School Options - Available Seats

  • Austin College and Career Academy High School
    231 N. Pine Ave.
    (773) 534-0660
  • Chicago Vocational Career Academy High School
    2100 E. 87th St.
    (773) 535-6100
  • Clark Academic Prep Magnet High School
    5101 W. Harrison St.
    (773) 534-6250
  • Clemente Community Academy High School
    1147 N. Western Ave.
    (773) 534-4000
  • Corliss High School
    821 E. 103rd St.
    (773) 535-5115
  • Douglass Academy High School
    543 N. Waller Ave.
    (773) 534-6176
  • Fenger Academy High School
    11220 S. Wallace St.
    (773) 535-5430
  • Harlan Community Academy High School
    9652 S. Michigan Ave.
    (773) 535-5400
  • Hyde Park Academy High School
    6220 S. Stony Island Ave.
    (773) 535-0880
  • Julian High School
    10330 S. Elizabeth St.
    (773) 535-5170
  • Manley Career Academy High School
    2935 W. Polk St.
    (773) 534-6900
  • Marshall Metropolitan High School
    3250 W. Adams St.
    (773) 534-6455
  • North-Grand High School
    4338 W. Wabansia Ave.
    (773) 534-8520
  • Ogden International High School (9th grade)
    1250 W. Erie St.
    (773) 534-0866
    International Baccalaureate Programme
    In order to be eligible, general education students and students with a 504 Plan must have NWEA MAP scores in reading and math at the 24th percentile or higher, and a 7th grade GPA of 2.5 based on final grades in four subjects: reading, math, science and social science. Students with an IEP and students receiving bilingual education services must have NWEA MAP reading and math scores that total 48 or higher, and a 7th grade GPA of 2.5 based on final grades in four subjects: reading, math, science and social science. (If the student does not have NWEA MAP scores from an exam administered by the Chicago Public Schools, contact the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773-553-2060 for more information.) All applicants must attend an Information Session, unless they already attended a session as part of the fall/winter application process.
  • Raby High School
    3545 W. Fulton Blvd.
    (773) 534-6755
  • Richards Career Academy High School
    5009 S Laflin St.
    (773) 535-4945
  • RTC Medical Preparatory High School
    2245 W. Jackson Blvd.
    (773) 534-7192
  • Sullivan High School
    6631 N. Bosworth Ave.
    (773) 534-2000
  • Uplift Community High School
    900 W. Wilson Ave.
    (773) 534-2875
  • Wells Community Academy High School
    936 N. Ashland Ave.
    (773) 534-7010


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