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Our Mission

The Office of Access and Enrollment manages the application, testing, selection and notification process for all district schools, including magnet, magnet cluster, and open enrollment schools, Selective Enrollment Schools, IB High Schools, Military Academies, and College and Career Academies.

All of Chicago's children and their families deserve access to quality educational options that meet their diverse educational needs and interests. Through data-driven, creative, and collaborative approaches, the Office of Access and Enrollment is dedicated to:

Choice: Increasing educational options for parents and students

Equity: Ensuring that all students have equal access to the programs and services available

Service: Meeting needs and exceeding expectations of all stakeholders through efficiency, expertise, courtesy and accountability


Message from the Executive Director

Dear Parent:

The Options for Knowledge Program of the Chicago Public Schools is designed to provide a variety of educational program choices designed to meet all student needs, interests, and skill levels. These program choices include magnet schools, magnet cluster schools, open enrollment schools, regional gifted centers, regional gifted centers for English-language learners, classical schools, academic centers, the international gifted program, the comprehensive gifted program, specific aptitude programs, selective enrollment high schools, International Baccalaureate programs, and college and career academies.

Each is designed to develop students to their fullest potential and provide an enhanced educational experience. The application, selection, and notification process for these schools and programs is managed by the Office of Access and Enrollment.

We strongly encourage parents to review all of our schools and programs. Because acceptance is not guaranteed, we urge you to maximize your options by applying to different types of schools and programs.

On behalf of the entire Office of Access and Enrollment, we thank you for your interest and continued support of the Chicago Public Schools.

Tony Howard
Executive Director


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