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Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is committed to providing every child from every community with a high-quality education that prepares them for success in college and in life. Our schools include a rigorous curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, and our investments in the arts, technology and early childhood education provide students with a well-rounded learning experience from the moment they start Kindergarten until the day they graduate from high school. We are committed to recruiting outstanding teachers and principals for our schools, and to providing our students with the academic, social and emotional skills they will need to be competitive in a global, 21st Century economy. As a District, it is our responsibility and privilege to put our students on a path to lasting success.


This page houses all information related to Community Submitted School Proposals, Guidelines for School Actions, School Actions, and School Transitions. See the tabs below for more information.

2016-2017 Guidelines for School Actions Information

Every year, CPS develops The CEO's Guidelines for School Actions (Guidelines). The Guidelines set out the rules the District must follow in order to propose any school actions (Co-location, Reassignment Boundary Change, Consolidation). School actions must be announced by December 1st. The DRAFT Guidelines must be posted on or before October 1st and CPS will collect feedback for 21 days. After reviewing the feedback and consulting with principals, teachers, and community members, CPS may release an updated version of the DRAFT Guidelines. If CPS does release an updated version of the DRAFT Guidelines, the new version will also be subject to a 21-day feedback period. After observing the 21-day feedback period the District will release a FINAL version of the Guidelines. The FINAL Guidelines can be found below:

FINAL Guidelines

Before the Board of Education votes on any proposed school actions, the public has the opportunity to provide comment at hearings conducted by independent hearing officers, who are licensed attorneys in Illinois. After the hearings, hearing officers will issue a written summary of the testimony provided as well as their findings of CPS' compliance with 105 ILCS 5/34-230 , the state law that governs school action processes, to CPS CEO Forrest Claypool. A list of independent hearing officers is posted below.

Independent Hearing Officers

2016 Guideline Development Process:

Prior to October 1st: CPS developed DRAFT Guidelines.
September 30: CPS released DRAFT Guidelines.
September 30th – October 21st: CPS collected public feedback about the DRAFT Guidelines.
After October 21st: CPS evaluated the submitted feedback.
October 31st: CPS released the list of independent hearing officers.
November 23rd: CPS released FINAL Guidelines.
On or before December 1st: (IF NECESSARY) CPS will announce school actions.

How can you deliver feedback to CPS regarding the 2016-2017 Draft Guidelines?


School Actions Information

School actions refer to school closures, consolidations, co-locations, and re-assignment boundary changes. The CEO may propose a school action that is consistent with the CEO’s Guidelines on School Actions (Guidelines). Prior to the Board of Education of the City of Chicago (Board) voting on any proposed school actions, two community meetings and one public hearing must be conducted. Subsequent to the hearings, a Board-appointed Hearing Officer will submit a report to the CEO and the Board. The Board will then use the report(s) to inform their decision regarding school actions.

After careful consideration, the CEO is recommending that the Board consider and approve the following school actions for school year 2017-18. Please find more information about the proposals below. If you have comments or feedback about any of the proposed school actions, we invite you to share your thoughts at the scheduled community meetings or public hearings. If you cannot attend those events please submit feedback at Transitions@CPS.edu.



Community Submitted School Proposals

Chicago Public Schools is committed to evaluating proposals submitted by community members. Information regarding community meetings that the district is evaluating will be posted here. Information and proposals found here are NOT in reference to existing school actions. The district evaluates community submitted proposals PRIOR to announcing school actions.

Community Meetings

Meeting Location Ogden EAST Campus
24 W. Walton St.
Meeting Location Jenner Elementary
1119 N. Cleveland Ave

Meeting LocationOgden WEST Campus
1250 W. Erie St.


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